Tell Tim Hortons AND the food industry: Stop using ONE knife to cut meat & non-meat items

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Tim Hortons uses ONE knife to cut some of their food products from different food groups. This observation has been made specifically for bagels where they use the same knife to cut both non-meat items (e.g. bagels) and also other meat products.

This has been a repeated observation in multiple locations over multiple years in Ontario and Quebec. It is possible this is wider. Perhaps some locations may use different knives BUT the point is simple: NO Tim Hortons locations should be using ONE knife to cut products that are different in nature. e.g. one knife should not be cutting meat and non-meat (e.g. bagels, etc.) products at the same time.

There are several types of groups of people in our society today that have dietary restrictions. Importantly, this is really about food standards and should easily be understood. Pizza establishments generally understand this. They often have a meat cutter and a veggie cutter.

Unfortunately, customers probably don't realize to ask Tim Hortons to "change their gloves and cut food items with a plastic knife" each and every single time they make a food purchase that requires cutting. But do they really need to? The onus is on Tim Hortons to ensure food standards are met, and that includes using separate knives for separate food products.

This issue doesn't only apply to Tim Hortons, but it applies to the Food Industry in general. This may not be "scientific" cross-contamination but definitely can be a social, religious and philosophical one.

This campaign is in good faith. This is NOT a knock against employees. They are likely following protocol BUT Tim Hortons needs to have a consistent and mindful protocol. Your signatures can help create a discussion around food standards and may prompt Tim Hortons (importantly other groups as well) to stop using ONE knife for different food items.

*** Please share this campaign. *** And if you want to find out for yourself, go into your local Timmies and ask someone there to be straight up with you about what I'm saying. #OneKnifeMustGo