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Tell Thomas Cook Group to stop selling elephant rides

Elephants at tourist venues are subject to cruel training from a young age and our investigations have documented the routine abuse of elephants throughout the industry. They are controlled with fear and pain so that they’ll perform and take people on their backs.

Thomas Cook Group, one of the world’s leading travel companies, is supporting this cruelty by still offering elephant rides and shows to their customers. We’ve been in touch with Thomas Cook Group and asked them to do the right thing for elephants, but they haven’t taken action. Now we need your help.

63 travel companies worldwide have committed to stop offering these cruel activities – now it’s time for Thomas Cook Group to do the same.

With over 22 million customers and sales of over USD $13 billion a year, Thomas Cook Group is one of the world's leading travel companies.

A commitment to ending their support of elephant rides and shows would be a huge step towards ending this cruel industry for good.

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