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Tell the USDA to Support Healthy School Snacks!

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The good news is school meals are about to get a lot healthier. The bad news? Many schools still sell unhealthy snacks and drinks outside of meals and we know these items can have a negative impact on students’ health.

Improving the nutritional quality of snacks and drinks can help to reduce children’s risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses — a critical goal at a time when nearly one in three kids in the United States is overweight or obese. Thousands of schools across the country already have proved that students will buy healthier snacks and beverages.

Right now, the USDA is implementing improved nutrition standards for school meals. This fall, schools will start serving meals with more healthy whole grains, fruits and vegetables and less sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about what’s sold in school stores, vending machines and a la carte lines. That is why we need your help.

If the USDA has strong nutritional standards for meals, it also should update its standards for food sold outside of meals.

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