Decision Maker Response

Cory Booker’s response

Feb 15, 2017 — I am deeply disturbed that the USDA—without warning or adequate explanation—recently deleted all inspection records and annual reports made under the Animal Welfare Act from its website. The absence of this information make it much easier for animal abuse to go unchecked.

Earlier this week my senior senator from New Jersey, Senator Bob Menendez, sent a letter calling on the USDA to reverse this destructive move, and restore these records into the public domain where they rightfully belong. I support his and my colleagues’ efforts. As a senator, I will fight to reverse this action, and I urge everyone to continue calling your Senators and Congressmen to get them to speak out on this urgent issue.

If you agree that the USDA must restore these animal welfare records, please join me:

Thank you for signing this petition, and for taking action to protect animals.

Cory Booker
U.S. Senator, New Jersey