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On January 5, 2011, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said in regards to Genetically Modified Foods "By continuing to bring stakeholders together in an attempt to find common ground where the balanced interests of all sides could be advanced, we at USDA are striving to lead an effort to forge a new paradigm based on coexistence and cooperation.". He went on to say "I have tremendous confidence in our existing regulatory system and no doubts about the safety of the products this system has approved and will continue to approve."

Apparently, the good Secretary has lost his mind. His idea seems to be that instead of fighting GM foods, we should be co-operating with people like Monsanto. I would say this proves that the USDA has absolutely no interest in the food safety of the people, nor do they care about damage to the environment. There has already been plenty of evidence, both empirical and scientific, about the dangers of GM foods. And yet, our government continues to allow them. Given what the Secretary has just stated, our government will continue to allow them, no matter what evidence is given. 

To address his second remark about having faith in the system - this is outright scary. HOW can anyone have faith in a system that has failed, spectacularly, so often? While he might feel confident in his regulatory system any educated person knows they should not! Instead, Mr. Vilsack apparently wishes to continue the status quo of allowing GM companies such as Monsanto to do as they please, regardless of the dangers or the results. 

The simple fact is... the can be no truce while these companies continue to harm people and the environment for the sake of profit. Until GMO crops are completely banned from our fields and food, we must continue to fight. Please let the USDA know - enough is enough! While they may be interested in kick backs and profit, the rest of us want safe food... and GM crops OUT of our fields!

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Regarding USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack:
On January 5th, 2011, Tom Vilsack went on record saying that there should be a "truce" between companies such as Monsanto and organic producers of seeds and crops.

I am very concerned about his dangerous attitude here. Why should there be a truce for companies that knowingly poison food and fields? Why should we allow products that have been proved by both empirical and scientific evidence to be dangerous to people and the environment? Why should anyone want to even deal with companies that have practiced fraud and deception in several different areas in an attempt to get their products on the market? Or with companies they have worked very hard in the courts to keep the people uninformed, both by refusing to allow unbiased study of their products and by fighting to keep products being identified as Genetically Modified?

As the Secretary of the USDA, food safety for the people of the United States is supposed to be his first priority, not bending to the will of dangerous companies just because they pay him to. The USDA's second priority is supposed to be for the environment. But working WITH companies such as Monsanto in any way other then ensuring their products are completely banned from our foods and fields, the USDA is saying that it is NOT keeping their priorities straight.

He has also gone on to state that he has "tremendous confidence in our existing regulatory system and no doubts about the safety of the products this system has approved and will continue to approve." Wow, what blind faith he has! Even when the regulatory system has so spectacularly failed, time and time again. Too bad educated people are wise enough not to have his sort of faith.

The USDA has failed. They continue to allow GMO's to be used, even with proof of how dangerous they are. Their regulatory system continues to fail American consumers everyday. Enough already!

We, the American people, are asking you to DO YOUR JOB and protect our food and our environment. NO TRUCE with GM companies such as Monsanto! Not until all GM products are banned from our foods, our fields and our country!!

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