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Petitioning Ambassador of the United States of America to Australia Jeff Bleich

Tell the U.S. Government: Protect Human Rights in the Arms Trade Treaty

A historic global treaty that could help stop human rights abusers getting their hands on deadly weapons is being negotiated at the United Nations in New York right now.

But Obama's UN delegation is leading a dangerous push to weaken this agreement: they want a vague, open-ended 'escape clause' included that would trump concerns of human rights abuses, including war crimes, when shipping weapons between countries.

This week countries are deciding on crucial rules that govern when arms transfers are allowed to take place.

Let's pile the pressure on the US government to ensure strong human rights protections in the Arms Trade Treaty

Please send your letter now to the US Ambassador Bleich. Together our pressure could help tip the balance at this crucial moment.


Letter to
Ambassador of the United States of America to Australia Jeff Bleich
I write to urge the United States Government to support the highest possible human rights standards within a new Arms Trade Treaty.

I call on the United States Government to ensure that the "Golden Rule" on human rights is included in the Arms Trade Treaty. This rule stipulates that arms transfers shall not be permitted where there is a substantial risk the arms are likely to be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of international human rights law or international humanitarian law.

Additionally, I urge President Obama to play a leading role in the historic treaty talks, to champion human rights protection and ensure that a broad scope of weapons, all types of arms transfers as well as ammunition are included in the scope of the treaty. These elements are critical to achieving a "bullet proof" treaty that will stop weapons from reaching the wrong hands.

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