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Every year, the canned tuna industry is responsible for massive amounts of ocean destruction. That’s because the methods they use to fish for tuna don’t just kill tuna. They also kill thousands upon thousands of sharks, rays, sea turtles and sea birds -- causing serious damage to the entire ocean ecosystem.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

But instead of engaging in a conversation about how they can fish more sustainably, Bumble Bee, Starkist, and Chicken of the Sea have opted to try to cover up the problem by threatening Greenpeace with legal action.

We’ve already sent them our response. Join us by sending a message to the CEO’s of Bumble Bee, Starkist, and Chicken of the Sea yourself.

Letter to
CEO, Chicken of the Sea Shue Win Chan
CEO, Bumble Bee Foods Chris Lischewski
CEO, Starkist In-Soo Cho
and 3 others
Media/Press, Chicken of the Sea Teresa Stiles
Media/Press, Bumble Bee Foods Della Sweetman
Corporate Affairs, Starkist Mary Sestric
I am writing to ask you to make the changes necessary to becoming better stewards of the oceans. Your legal threats against Greenpeace are nothing more than distractions, and will not satisfy the concerns of your customers.

Adopting sustainable procurement policies and responsible fishing methods is a necessary step towards restoring a healthy ocean and ensuring a productive and economically viable seafood industry in the future. Please can the attacks and get serious about cleaning up your act.



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