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Tell the Tennessee Senate how to defeat the "Don't Say Gay" Bill


The Tennessee Senate has pushed back the vote on the Don’t Say Gay Bill (SB0049) so many times; it’s hard to keep up. The bill reappears on the Senate floor for a vote on Wednesday, May 18 at 8:30 AM.

The reason for the delay is no one wants to vote for it. The Don’t Say Gay bill (SB0049) is an unnecessary state mandate on local school districts which will silence teachers, impede local control of schools, and subject LGBT and other vulnerable students to increased isolation, bullying and harassment.

An alternate bill with an amendment, SB0165, proposes a simple study of State education curriculum standards to demonstrate to the education committee of the Senate and House that the Don’t Say Gay Bill is unnecessary. The amended version of the SB0165 needs to pass instead of SB0049. 

Send a message before Wednesday, May 18 to your Tennessee Senators to defeat SB0049 and support SB00165!

Then share invite your friends to do the same via email, Facebook and Twitter.


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