Petitioning Chairman, Board of Supervisors John Avalos and 4 others

Tell the SF Board of Supervisors: Fully Fund "Kindergarten to College"!

San Francisco has an unusual opportunity to help every family get on the path to sending their kids to college. Mayor Gavin Newsom has proposed a groundbreaking program called Kindergarten to College which would provide $50 to every family that enrolls their children in San Francisco's Unified School District. Families eligible for free or reduced price lunch would get $100, and EARN has already raised $120,000 to provide an additional match for families.

But the program was recently cut from the budget. We need your help to get it restored!

The Mayor heard about the proposed budget cut and is making a full court press to have Kindergarten to College added back. We can play an important role in helping him succeed.  We need to let City Hall know that we've seen firsthand the power of matched savings. And we need to let them know immediately - intense negotiations over the budget are underway right now.

Please sign the petition below to contact the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The sooner you sign, the better our chances -- in other words, sign today!

Letter to
Chairman, Board of Supervisors John Avalos
Board of Supervisors Sean Elsbernd
Board of Supervisors Sophie Maxwell
and 2 others
Board of Supervisors David Campos
Board of Supervisors Ross Mirkarimi
I am writing today to urge you to add back funding for the Kindergarten to College program in the City budget. This very inexpensive program will make kids 7 times more likely to go to college.

As a supporter of EARN, San Francisco's nonprofit partner for the Kindergarten to College initiative, I've seen firsthand the power of matched savings in the lives of low-income Bay Area residents. I believe that San Francisco as a whole will be better off if our children learn the power of savings.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my strong support for this program.