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In order to ensure the continued health of the planet, we need to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere. Current levels of CO2 are around 385 ppm, and they need to be reduced to 350 ppm (1). We could temporarily get to this point by stopping our use of coal (1), but this can’t be done without other energy sources being available to make up the difference. The other energy sources must not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, so renewable energy is the logical choice.
The problem is that renewable energy can be prohibitively expensive in start up costs. Renewable energy currently costs 67% more than energy produced through more traditional means (2). However, based on current projections, renewable energy could save up to $30 billion by 2025 (3). Since this would save money in the long run, but requires a large investment up front, government funded projects are the clear choice.
Senate Bill 279 seeks to rectify this. The bill’s goal is to “promote the development of renewable energy on public land”. It is currently in the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (4). Our goal is to have this bill make it out of committee and then get passed into law. By signing this petition you are showing support for the bill, and if you'd like to go further, please send a letter to your local senators.

Letter to
Whom it may concern
We’d like to address our support on Bill #S279 through you. It’s clear to us that you’re eager to find new ways to preserve our Earth’s resources, and we stand firmly behind you. However, we realize that we must take action to earn support from a wider range of American citizens if we want to see changes.
To express our support, further aid your efforts, and include more people into the “loop,” we have created our own petition to the Senate. We are advocating the use of renewable energy, rather than the carbon dioxide-filled traditional energy that’s been used in years past. Though a higher expense upfront, new innovations of energy sources are predicted to save an impressive $30 billion by the year 2025. On account of the pricey initial cost, we are asking that you consider funding some of these projects.
With your support through government funded projects, CO2 levels could be down to 350 ppm in less than 12 years. By that time, the expenses will likely have leveled out and not only be paying off financially and environmentally, but saving in both areas as well. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to the renewable energy improvements of the future with you.

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