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Tell the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority to give us the chance to save our Bay


Right now, the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority is preparing to make a critical decision that could determine the fate of our Bay. Every year, sea level rise, pollution, and habitat loss threaten to undo decades of hard work protecting and restoring our Bay. Whether we’ll have the chance to save our Bay could depend on what happens on May 28.

On May 28, the Restoration Authority will decide whether or not to place a regional measure on the November 2014 ballot, which if passed, would provide much needed local funds to restore crucial wetlands to keep our Bay healthy. But the Restoration Authority will only move forward with this measure if they believe it has a chance at succeeding. If enough of us show our support, we can help give the Authority the confidence they need to place this measure on the ballot.

Help us keep our region healthy and safe for our children and grandchildren. Sign the petition calling on the Restoration Authority to take this critical step to restore Bay wetlands.

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