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Petitioning The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy and 5 others

Tell the Roman Catholic hierarchy to honor women and their reproductive rights


Most of you are not Catholic, so, petitioning the Roman Catholic hierarchy may not seem terribly important to you. However, the Roman Catholic Church has influence around the world and its rigid stance against women and their right to control their reproductive lives only encourages the hostility of other groups that are currently waging that same war against women. 


The Roman Catholic hierarchy has every intention of influencing an entire national election based on this one issue.


My arguments are two: that the Church 1) is being dishonest in claiming it believes the zygote is a full human being and 2) is wrong to cling to its centuries-old errors about sex and women. 


The Church would much better bend its energies to outlaw war, erase poverty, eliminate starvation which is basically a political tool, and protect and defend those children who are already living. However these social problems that perpetually overwhelm the human family are the products of misguided male hubris and the Church has frequently demonstrated a huge tolerance for disastrous male behavior.


I ask you to read the petition, then sign it; and then encourage others to do so as well.



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Although the institutional Roman Catholic Church uses words such as respect and honor when it speaks of sex and women, by its actions the Church seems to continue its earlier misinformed teaching that intercourse is an inherently sinful act that can only be justified by producing a child (which is why the Church still says that birth control is wrong) and its equally misinformed belief that women were the devil's gateway to the souls of men, tempting men to sexual sin (which is why the Church still feels it must control the lives of women). 

Today’s Church may be somewhat better informed; however, in matters related to both sex and women, the Church continues to take positions that reflect less openness to divine guidance and more intransigent need to control. 

God gave women the awesome ability to bear life; it is women who need to determine when and whether to bring a child into the world. Reproductive control is both a health need and a moral right of all women.

Life begins at conception. Of course it does. That's precisely what is meant by conception. Those who want a child should celebrate and protect that potential as a much-loved possibility. 

However, Church officials are speaking of the zygote as a full human being. Consider this: Half of all fertilized human eggs, zygotes, never connect to the uterine wall and are flushed out of the woman’s body; many other fetuses are miscarried.

Does the Church really consider all of these zygotes to be full human beings? No, not really. If it did, the Church would have to baptize these human beings as Jesus commanded, so that they would be admitted to the heaven God has prepared for them.

Something else is going on here. That poison — that sex is basically sinful and that women are somehow innately connected to that sinfulness — has never been entirely purged from the Church’s system. The Church does not deal well with sex; the Church does not deal well with women.

Tell the Church to admit what it knows: that fertilized eggs are potential human beings, not full human beings. 

And tell the Church to stop trying to control the reproductive lives of women.

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