Tell Eversource Enough Is Enough on Northern Pass!

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During the past eight years, the people of New Hampshire repeatedly told Eversource that Northern Pass would be a threat to our state’s beauty, economy, and way of life. Time and time again, we refused to settle for being their extension cord, and time and time again Eversource pretended not to hear us, hoping we’d go away. It didn’t work. On February 1st, New Hampshire’s Site Evaluation Committee voted unanimously to deny a site certificate to Northern Pass; on March 27th, Massachusetts told Northern Pass that it didn’t want its power, or its problems; and on March 30th, the Site Evaluation Committee explained, across 287 pages, exactly why Northern Pass is not right for our state.

Still, Eversource executives continue to cover their ears.

Enough is enough.

Let’s tell Eversource that our opposition to Northern Pass isn’t going to change and it’s time to finally pull the plug on Northern Pass.

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