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Investigate the Girl Scouts of the USA and their request for pension relief


Currently Girl Scouts of the USA is soliciting Congress for help in resolving their pension funding problems  and has had HR 2134,  The Charitable Pension Flexibility Act of 2013,  introduced, which has been assigned to the House Education and the Workforce Committee, and the House Ways and Means Committee.


For the most part, Girl Scouts was founded on the premise of providing opportunities for girls to explore the out-of -doors,  away from city life.


The original and long held purpose of the cookie sale was to fund Girl Scout camps close to the local communities.  In fact, many Councils reserved cookie money just for the camps. Thus the sign seen above, which reads : BUILT BY COOKIE MONEY.

Current GSUSA Program policies are diverting the Girl Scout movement away from traditional scouting and towards a corporate for profit business model, that is concerned with profit and loss rather than providing services to girls. We have been assisted by Congressman Bruce Braley (R-Iowa) in asking that the following inquiries be made:


1. Request information regarding GSUSA involvement and justification for the massive closure and sale of Girl Scout Camps across the United States


2. Where are the funds from Girl Scout cookie sales going, if not to camping? Are they going to pay for pension obligations, expensive buildings and renovations, rather than services to the girls?


3. If taxpayers are asked to bail out the organization, what specifically would this funding go towards? Pension packages, or services for the girls ?

Before any relief is given, please have written assurance all further divestment of Girl Scout Camps, by local Girl Scout Councils will cease and the cookie money the girls raise in their communities will go back to it's original purpose of SERVING THE GIRLS, including supporting and maintaining their local camps.

Please join us in this effort.





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Currently Girl Scouts of the USA is soliciting Congress for help in resolving their pension funding problems.

While some of this problem is attributable to the recent recession, some of it directly relates to the mandated mergers of local Councils, early retirements of employees and other financial decisions made by the CEO and Board of Girls Scouts of the USA.

Now they are asking that the local Councils, members, programs and services bear the brunt of financial issues that they caused.

These changes are resulting in assessments as high as 19% of payroll being levied against local Councils, with even more expected to be required in the next three years, layoffs of staff, curtailment of programs,and the sale of Council owned and operated camps to pay these obligations.

Please join Congressman Braley (R-Iowa) in requesting an investigation of Girl Scouts of the USA, their finances and program changes before any agreement is reached to approve this legislation.

Please join us in this effort.

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