Petition Update


James Franklin
Birmingham, AL

Jul 31, 2013 — We have just passed 1000 signatures today and signatures are still being added!

Thanks to each of you who have taken the time to do so and to share it with your own lists of friends, Please do so again with anyone who has not signed.

I do wish to clarify something, though.

"This petition is not asking Congress to oppose the Charitable Pension Flexibility Act but rather asking that the following inquires be made::

1. Request information regarding GSUSA involvement and justification for the massive closure and sale of Girl Scout Camps across the United States (now up to 29 States)

2. Where are the funds from Girl Scout cookie sales going, if not to camping? Are they going to pay for pension obligations, expensive buildings and renovations, rather than services to the girls? (Over $750 million in revenue a year)

3. If taxpayers are asked to bail out the organization, what specifically would this funding go towards? Pension packages, or services for the girls ?

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