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Tell the North Carolina Senate to allow for future State Funding of Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

If North Carolina Senate Bill H817 passes. This would eliminate all state funding of bicycle and pedestrian projects that are not under construction by June 30, 2013. With the rising of gas prices, the childhood obesity rates already at over 15% and the increase of harmful air pollutants in North Carolina we should be increasing funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian projects.

Letter to
The North Carolina Senate
North Carolina State Senate
North Carolina Governor
I urge you to say NO to Senate Bill H817 and allow for future state funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

With the rising gas prices, increased air pollutants and North Carolina being in the 95 percentile for obesity in the United States it is important that we stand together and say yes to the health of our communities, air and children.

Not only is it important to the health of our state, but economically saying no to this bill makes sense. Developers more than ever are wanting to locate projects near greenways and other bicycle and pedestrian projects. With these developments comes increased property values and by association an increase in the amount of tax revenue that North Carolina could benefit from.

I hope that you make the responsible decision and say NO to Senate Bill H817.

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