Tell the New York Times to Apologize for Blaming a Child for Her Gang Rape

I've always looked up to The New York Times. I'm studying journalism at the University of Oregon's professional School of Journalism and Communication. I know how journalists labor over the right words to use. You don't see "cripple" in newspapers; the AP Stylebook even warns against using "handicapped." So why report these rape victim-blaming descriptions of an ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD?? Even if she was trying to act "grown up" by wearing makeup, I doubt she wanted to be raped by 18 men. Way to condone victim-blaming. Yes, these boys and men will have to live with their raping her for the rest of their lives--but guess what, she'll have to live with being RAPED for the rest of her life. Your reporter, James C. McKinley should think about that the next time (if he ever) covers a rape story again. New York Times, we expect better. We demand better.

Rebecca Sedlak, Eugene, OR, United States
10 years ago
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