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Tell the New York Board of Health to Serve Up a Healthy Change!

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg boldly proposed setting reasonable portion sizes for sugary drinks sold in restaurants, movie theaters and food carts. With 32- and 64-ounce sodas commonplace across the city, the mayor wants to limit portion sizes to 16 ounces to help make people more aware of how much sugar they're drinking. It's up to the New York City Board of Health to decide whether to approve and implement the plan, and they're accepting comments from the public RIGHT NOW.

The mayor's proposal is backed by extensive scientific research that shows that enormous portion sizes for sugary drinks are among the driving forces of the ongoing obesity epidemic. The Institute of Medicine recently recommended that government leaders adopt policies and implement practices to reduce over-consumption of sugary drinks, which are a top source of calories in Americans' diets.

Take Action: Tell the NYC Board of Health to approve the mayor's proposal.

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