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The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated. -Gandhi

Here's a letter from a man who gasses helpless animals for a living. It is just a job they are provided with, and a sick one at that, I myself, would rather DIE than do this for a living, but this almost makes me feel bad for the guy.


And if you could bear THAT, then try watching THIS..



The National Animal Control Association adopted a new guideline condemning the use of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, electrocution, gunshot, and blunt force trauma for animal shelter euthanasia of dogs and cats. 

Throughout the years, there have been a variety of barbaric methods used to kill dogs and cats. In the 1800s drowning and clubbing were the most common methods of death for shelter dogs. Indeed, there are vivid illustrations from that time depicting iron cages filled with dogs being lowered into New York City's East River amidst a cheering crowd.

To replace the drowning and clubbing with a quicker and less painful death, a steel chamber was developed into which gas could be introduced to asphyxiate the animals — the gas chamber. Yet, gassing animals takes as long as 30 minutes or more and isn't always painless. Several animals are crammed into the gas chamber at once, causing panic and, often fights, to break out in their last moments. Some animals, come out of the gas chamber alive, amidst piles of dead bodies.

Most shelters are required to keep a animal for only 3 days. After that, they become property of the City, or Shelter, to be disposed of as they see fit, KILLED, EUTHANIZED, or GASSED. Animals that are relinquished or given up by their owners, often become property of the City or Shelter IMMEDIATELY and can be killed IMMEDIATELY without even given the chance of being adopted. What kind of sense does that make? Just because one person doesn't want them, doesn't mean there aren't thousands of other people in that town who would be GLAD to take them. But no, they are given no chance and are gassed to death. If you don't find this just as inhumane as I do, there's something wrong..

There are no nationwide shelter statistics. Why? First off, no one has mandated (or.. been willing to pay for) their collection. Additionally, data are reported in different formats and levels of detail; and most shelters report only informally to local officals.

San Antonio Animal Control Services euthanizes 75 to 125 animals per DAY, RIGHT NOW. And a total of 40,000 to 50,000 annually. Those are numbers I can barely fathom, can you?

Kingsville Animal Control in Kingsville, Texas-They hold dogs for 3 days, then immediately gas them. They have one person trained on the chamber and he actually ENJOYS his job quite well. Depending upon his mood, he'll gas dogs that have been tagged by rescues. This pound is not interested in adopting out to the public, because it's too much of a hassle. They have stated that each dog is viewed as a dead dog. No care is given to sick animals, they're fed once per day and it's a free-for-all in each run, males are mixed with females, big dogs and little dogs, and the place is lucky to ever see a drop of bleach. I cannot possibly be the only one who finds this cruel..

Maybe I'm just one person, and maybe this petition will have no impact on the hundreds of animals being helplessly GASSED as I speak, but one can only have hope..


Have a heart, & sign this petition.

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