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Tell the Municipality of Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina to stop killing stray dogs and cats


The Association for the protection and rescue of animals, "Spas" Bihac needs our help. The animal activists have been struggling to save lives of abandoned animals for some years now. The Society initiated spay/neuter projects several times, has found homes for many homeless, abandoned animals. Insted to acknowledge their efforts and success the Municipality issued an illegal order on killing of animals eventhough it is the responsibility of the city to initiate spay/neuter and build a shelter.

Following a public statement published in local media of USK Canton, emitted on the TV Hayat on November 28th 2010 in which Municipality gives instructions of the manner and procedure of removing and the illegal shooting of stray dogs, Association for the protection and rescue of animals, "SPAS" Bihac hereby seek an urgent manifestation of Municipality, in order to start processing of these irregularities in the judicial institutions of the Municipality.

The statements which call for illegal action had resulted in the killing of stray dogs, abandoned animals by unknown persons, for which this Association holds the municipality of Bihac directly responsible. The law has been violated in the literal sense of the word when the larger number of abandoned animals was killed by fire guns, which you can see from the enclosed photographs, which will result in the filing of criminal charges against the responsible persons. We demand your immediate reaction and as soon as possible to publish press releases that will be based on respect of the law and not call for its violation.


UG "SPAS" Bihac

Their group

 Where the city of Bihac is situated

The Dutch organisation Hondenopvang that is helping in this area


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  • dr. sc. Hamdija Lipovaca
  • Općina Bihać
  • Policija USK
  • Federalna uprava za inspekcijske poslove

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