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Tell the MPAA to be Transparent in it's Rating of Movies

The general public has no idea whom is grading the movies in which they put faith in the grading system. Yes we know it's MPAA, but do they know who that consists of? The only way you would know anyone on the board is if you watched 'This movie is not yet rated' where they went and investigated these people and even if you watched that movie it's a couple years old. 

There is no transparency and there are a number of movies that I feel filmmakers had to change in order to get a certain rating which did not need change 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'But I am a Cheerleader' being two of many. In those two cases I mention I feel that the MPAA were discriminating against another sexually orientation that they had no one representing.

(They also seem to rate movies with more violence lower than ones with more sex which I personally find odd because sex is something that everyone encounters in life whereas murder and violence is a much more rarer thing that we do not really want in our society. I would like to see the justification to why they rate)

I want to change the system, I want them to be completely transparent in their grading of movies, I want to know who is grading them, how/why exactly the film got the rating they did, there should be different religious groups represented as well as different minorities and different orientations, the raters should have young children of their own under eighteen (which they claim but in the movie they discovered that few of them had children), and most importantly there should be an appeals process if the filmmaker and public disagrees with the rating.

Watch the movie 'This Movie is Not Yet Rated' if you haven't seen it yet. Picture used from Transparency and better representations of the American citizens different views would make me feel better trusting the system. If you agree I would love you to sign this petition. 


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