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Tell the LaSalle County Board to use animal funds for spaying/neutering low-income pets.

The  County of  LaSalle, (Illinois) has collected almost $29,000 in funds from dog owners who have purchased their county rabies tags. This money was earmarked to allow low-income people to get their dogs and cats spayed and neutered for free, and is collected through a split-fee system.

The split-fee system is called for in the state's Animal Population Control Act.

The law states that the extra fees are to be used to provide discount sterilization and rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats. The law gives counties the option of keeping the money to offer the services itself or sending the money to the Illinois Department of Public Health for a statewide program.

The Public Safety II Committee, which oversees animal control, is exploring whether it can use that money for another related purpose, possibly the pound that they have been mulling over starting for 10+ years.

 Dr. Dell Brodd, the county animal control administrator, said county auditor Jody Wilkinson won't release the funds for any other purpose without being presented a legal ruling.

Implementing the low-income spay and neutering plan was sidelined without action at the latest meeting.

In December, 2010, Matt McLaughlin, D-Peru, was designated committee chairman of the Public Safety committeee, which oversees animal control, and he apparently has no clue as to the severity of the overpopulation problem within his county.

McLaughlin said there is a philosophical question among committee members as to whether it is right to be assisting people with low incomes maintain pets they cannot afford. We say who needs it more?

He said the committee also wants to know what spending options there are for the money beyond the low-income assistance.

Please tell Matt McLaughlin, the committee, and the LaSalle County Board that they need to implement a sterilization program with these funds immediately, and that low-income people are exactly the ones this money should help.

LaSalle County is the second largest county in Illinois, it does not have an animal control facility or any beneficial programs in place.

Letter to
LaSalle County Board Public Safety II Committee, LaSalle COunty Board, LaSalle County Citizens
Animal control committee, LaSalle county board, Dr. Brodd-

The citizens of LaSalle county, Illinois want you to stop talking and take action by implementing a pet sterilization program for low-income, LaSalle county pet owners. You have discussed a county pound for 10 + years, and that has never materialized. You have sat on the rabies tag money for well over a year. This is not your money to do with as you please. Follow through with the intended purpose.
Pet sterilization lowers the number of unwanted animals in this county, it decreases the number of intact animal attacks, it decreases the spread of infectious diseases, it makes pets and ferals (cats) healthier, it saves the county money by decreasing the number of healthy pets that are euthanized, it saves animals lives, and it is the right thing to do with the funds.

Jennifer Bilyeu

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