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Petitioning Charles and David Koch

Tell the Koch Brothers to Come Out of the Shadows!


The Koch Brothers have always been shrouded in secrecy — their labyrinth of organizations spending hundreds of millions of dollars from the shadows to benefit candidates who deny basic science and push legislation that enables climate change.

That isn’t how a democracy works. It’s time the Koch Brothers step out from the shadows and into the arena of public debate.

Charles Koch has already mourned the oppression of “free and open debate.” Here’s his chance to do something about it: Tom Steyer has challenged Charles and David Koch to a public debate on climate change.

Stand with Tom Steyer and call on the Koch Brothers to come out of hiding and have a real conversation on the issues that matter. NextGen Climate will send you updates and information about what’s happening and how you can get involved.

Letter to
Charles and David Koch
I am calling on you to step out from the shadows and have a public conversation on climate change.