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Tell the GOP: Don’t Privatize Social Security

Join Senate Democrats & denounce Republicans’ plans to privatize Social Security!

The New Republic recently reported, “Social Security could decide who controls Congress,” noting that Republicans are doing anything they can to undermine and overhaul Social Security.

Simply put – a Republican takeover in the Senate would put Social Security in jeopardy.

Right now, 59 million Americans – including two in three seniors – rely on Social Security to make ends meet.

Social Security is a promise that we have made to our seniors and most vulnerable citizens, a promise that Republicans would be willing to break as soon as they get the chance.

Instead of raising taxes on the mega-rich, Republicans in the House and Senate want to break Social Security by privatizing it – a giveaway to wealthy special interests that need it the least!

Help us protect critical financial support for seniors and our nation’s most vulnerable citizens from extreme Republican attacks! 

Join the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and denounce GOP plans to privatize Social Security!

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