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Tell the GOP: Being a Woman Isn't a Pre-existing Condition

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Insurance companies can charge women up to 50 percent more for the same coverage that men receive and can currently deny women coverage for what they consider “pre-existing conditions,” such as asthma, pregnancy, or medical treatment for sexual and/or domestic abuse.

Obamacare will make this gender discrimination illegal, but the GOP is doing everything they can to block, delay, and defund the law.

Obamacare is already working for women. In fact, 1.1 million more women aged 19 to 25 now have access to health care under their parents’ plans and in 2011, women enrolled in Medicare saved $1.2 billion on prescription drugs.

House Republicans have voted over 40 times to repeal, gut or defund the Affordable Care Act and the policies that are helping women. Now, GOP leaders are threatening to shut down the entire federal government and default on our nation's obligations if they don’t get their way.

It’s clear: If Republicans win this fight, women have a lot to lose.

Now is the time to stand up to Republicans and fight for the progress we’ve made. Add your name to support the Democrats who are working to expand health care coverage for women—and all Americans. The Democratic National Committee will send you updates and information about what’s happening today and how you can get involved.

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