Tell the Federal Government to Stand Against White Supremacist Groups

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Tell the Federal Government to stand against white supremacist and neo-nazi groups.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

Muslim communities are still reeling from the devastating terrorist attack in Quebec in January 29, 2017, which claimed the lives of six Muslim men worshiping in their mosque and gravely injured many others. It was an unprecedented attack that left a Canadian place of worship – a sacred sanctuary – a scene of unimaginable carnage.

It was just about a month ago when a member of the Canadian Community, Mohamed-Aslim Zafis, was ruthlessly killed in front of the IMO Mosque in Toronto by an individual with apparent links to a disturbing brand of neo-Nazism. On Saturday, October 10, while still healing from the loss of our beloved brother Mohamed-Aslim Zafis, the Muslim Community has been made aware of violent threats sent to another Toronto mosque. While we greatly appreciate the efforts of the Toronto Police Service in conducting an investigation into this incident, we are asking the federal government to develop a national action plan on dismantling xenophobic groups that preach ideologies of hate and violence.   

NCCM has been calling on the federal government to establish a national action plan on dismantling white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups that threaten Black, indigenous, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and other communities.

There are over 300 alt-right or white supremacist groups in operation in Canada today.

Some of these groups openly vow that they are “anti-Islam” and are actively preparing to take action against Canadian Muslims, including rigorous weapons training. Some groups, like the Three Percenters, have hosted live ammo training with semi-automatic weapons, scheduled bomb-making lessons, and showed up at rallies armed with electric batons.

We know (and we are thankful) that if there were Canadian Muslims who were actively militarizing to target another group in Canada, that action would be taken immediately to stop them. We are asking for the same diligence to be applied now. We are calling for the following steps to dismantle and dissolve active and militarized white supremacist groups in Canada:

  •  Utilizing sections of the Criminal Code, in addition to the Terror Listing provisions, to ban white supremacist militias like the Three Percenters from operating in Canada. Under Prime Minister Trudeau, two white supremacist groups were banned. While that is a positive step, there are hundreds more operating that must not be allowed to organize.
  • Degrading the ability of white supremacist organizations from mobilizing through online hate regulation, which must be thoroughly and immediately publicly studied and brought into place; and
  • Forcing our national security agencies to take white supremacist violence seriously and as a threat that requires investigation and action.


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This petition is to call on the Government of Canada to stand against white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups that threaten minorities.

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