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Tell the Federal Government to sign a National Anti-Bullying Bill to protect our children.

To date this year, we are approaching 50 children who felt the need to take their lives due to a problem they are encountering at school, through text, social media, and in their communities at large. Our federal government has acknowledged this is an issue, yet they remain hesitant to end this cycle.

We elected our president because of his willingness to see that change was done. The mental damage that students are taking on will cost all of us down the road, and while states have various laws, most similar and some not, the broader problem is still not being dealt with.

I was also made aware that some parents who tried to help their children when in crisis in school, are now jailed.

Children have the right to attend any school safely, and when problems do arise, that staff handle them to their conclusion. 

I am asking for your support to put pressure on the government, and for them to see that this is a problem, and to help our nations youth to get back on track.


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