Tell the FDA to revise the Food Allergy Protection Act to include cross contamination

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The Food Allergy Consumer Protection Act of 2004 was a great step for keeping Americans with life threatening food allergies and disorders safer, but it’s not enough. 

As a mother of a child with life threatening food allergies and another with celiac disease, it is absolutely vital to my family to have clear labeling of shared equipment with major allergens and gluten. 

My six year old child has had major allergic reactions due to undeclared cross contamination on shared lines and factories with her allergens. It is a terrifying prospect to not know if your food is safe because you depend on VOLUNTARY labeling. 

Parents of children with life threatening allergies spend their days calling manufacturers to ask if foods they would like to purchase or have purchased are truly safe. This can make social situations even more difficult for the child when you read a package that looks ok but you have no idea if it could be contaminated. If you risk it, she can end up in the hospital, but if you deny it out of fear and then you are “being paranoid.” It is a major impact on any food allergic child’s life. 

Recently my child was brought out of a store by ambulance 10 mins after eating a sample that presented as safe based on the labeling, FOUR days later I got a call back from the manufacturer that it indeed was processed on shared equipment with her allergens. 

As food allergies and celiac disease numbers rise we must take the necessary measures to further protect our effected population in America. 

I’m asking the FDA to revise the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (FALCPA) Public Law 108-282, Title II, to include mandatory shared equipment and facility labeling on all packaged food to keep us safe. 

We the people have the right to petition the FDA and we need to have our voices heard. Please sign on behalf of all food allergy and related disorders today! You could save a life.