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Petitioning Food and Drug Administration FDA Commissioner Hamburg

Tell the FDA: No genetically engineered salmon on our plates


The FDA is poised to approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption. But they haven't done a full Environmental Impact Statement of the risks.

This salmon has been genetically altered to grow twice as fast as real salmon and would be the first-ever genetically engineered animal allowed to enter the food supply by any regulatory agency in the world. To make matters worse, the FDA probably won't require it to be labeled, so we'll have no idea if we're eating it!

Once the FDA has done its due diligence, we believe it will have no choice but to reject this frankenfish. Please urge the FDA to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement that captures the many environmental, economic and social risks of genetically engineered salmon.  Sign the petition now and tell the FDA to say no to genetically enginereed salmon.


Letter to
Food and Drug Administration FDA Commissioner Hamburg
I am writing to urge the FDA to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement before making any decision about genetically engineered salmon. Please consider the risks full-scale farming of GE salmon would pose to wild salmon when — not if — GE fish escaped into our oceans.

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