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Tell the FDA: Ban toxic BPA in my food!

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You're eating the toxic chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) every time you open a can of food, drink a bottle of water, or eat almost anything packaged in plastic. But we can put an end to that this month.

The little girl peeking at you is Lila Rose. She’s 21 months old, and she’s the light of my life. Every day, BPA leaches out of the linings of cans, juice boxes, and applesauce squeezies, and into the food she and her two brothers eat.

BPA is connected to a higher risk for breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain development problems, impaired fertility, and many more diseases. According to the FDA's own studies, it especially impacts development of the brain, behavior, and prostate gland in unborn babies, infants, and small children(1). This month, the FDA will decide whether or not to ban BPA in food packaging. They're hearing from chemical lobbyists and manufacturers, we need to make sure they hear from us.

The more BPA leaks into Lila's food, the greater the chance that she’ll die young, and the more likely it becomes that she’ll be unable to conceive, or suffer a miscarriage if she does conceive. It means her children are more likely to suffer preventable disease and developmental disorders. Lila's brothers are 85% more likely to develop prostate cancer than men were before BPA was introduced into food packaging. And all of us are 20% more likely to develop insulin resistance, a major predictor of Type II diabetes(2).

Canada has labeled BPA a toxic chemical. The FDA’s own studies show links between BPA and serious health concerns. It doesn't need to be in food packaging, yet it’s allowed to leach into the food you eat, and I eat, and Lila Rose eats, every day.

If the FDA doesn’t hear from you, chemical lobbyists and manufacturers who don’t want to enact changes will win. If they win, you’ll continue eating poison from every can you open, every bottle of formula you feed your baby, every bottle of water you drink, and food that comes in almost any plastic, lined cardboard, or aluminum container.

The FDA's mission is to prevent toxins like BPA from getting into our food. It's time for them to do their job. Lila Rose deserves better. Your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and neighbors deserve better. Your family deserves better. And you deserve better. We all deserve to open a can of chili, or drink a bottle of water, without being poisoned.

Please sign this petition. Then ask your friends and family to sign it. Let’s tell the FDA: Get toxic BPA out of my food!



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