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Tell the FDA: Ban the Sale of African Dwarf Frogs

One of the “educational” toys sold by Learning Express and other national retailers is the EcoQuarium, a tiny, 4x4-inch plastic cube in which two dwarf African frogs spend their miserable lifetimes.

After PETA went undercover in 2009 at Wild Creations, the company that makes EcoQuariums, and documented a litany of horrific abuses to the frogs, retailers including Target and Brookstone stopped selling the toys.

Now there is another compelling reason the frogs should not be sold as toys – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on July 20 that 241 people, mostly children, have been infected by a unique strain of Salmonella that was traced to a supplier of the frogs. A third of these people became so ill that they had to be hospitalized.

The California Department of Public Health issued a warning to pet stores and distributors of the aquariums, alerting them that “certain pet aquatic frogs may carry bacteria that cause illness in people and should be withheld from sale to the public."

In 1975, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of turtles smaller than 4 inches because children were handling them and then becoming sick with Salmonella. Tell the FDA to ban the sale of dwarf African frogs, for the same reason.

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