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The Family Puppy (a.k.a The Family of Pets), Michigan’s largest chain of puppy-selling pet stores, has been exposed for working with puppy mills and selling sick dogs. 

A recent investigation by Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup uncovered several serious animal welfare and consumer protection issues that the public should be aware of. Click here to download some of the Facts About The Family Puppy’s Breeders.  

Unlike the photos in the store, USDA and undercover photos taken at Indiana kennels that supply The Family Puppy revealed filthy, cramped cages, wire floors and excessive feces. And this isn’t just one bad supplier: During 2009-2010, 13 of the 16 primary suppliers used by The Family Puppy were cited by the USDA for non-compliance with the Animal Welfare Act. Six of those breeders also work with Petland -  the company notorious for its partnerships with puppy mills.

The Family Puppy misleads customers into believing that their breeders are inspected by four agencies (two of which, including themselves, are not inspection agencies at all). But the reality is that most commercial breeders escape regular oversight and enforcement actions. Customers have filed 33 complaints with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and 29 different problems have been noted with puppies purchased from The Family Puppy stores.  And that’s only the official reports.

It’s time for The Family Puppy to stop supporting out-of-state puppy mills and start helping animals in the community. Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup is calling for a boycott and is staging rallies every weekend outside of The Family Puppy stores. Join the campaign by signing the petition urging the company to stop selling puppies and start supporting adoption instead.

Letter to
Store Owners John & Debbie Stottele
The Family of Pets
Macomb Mall Management
and 3 others
Oakland Mall Management
Fountian Walk Mall Management
Genesee Valley Mall Management
Dear John & Debbie Stottele,

I recently learned about an investigation into The Family Puppy’s suppliers, which revealed that your stores source puppies from large, out-of-state commercial breeders and brokers, many of whom have recently been found non-compliant with the Animal Welfare Act. I am writing to urge you to stop selling puppies and start supporting local adoption efforts.

The Family Puppy has received a lot of negative attention for selling sick puppies, too. As a result, dog advocates are calling for a boycott of your stores.

Supporting only adoption efforts is the humane thing to do. I feel the pet trade works against local efforts to reduce the pet population which ultimately costs tax payers, like myself money, to support municipal shelters. Promote adult dogs in need, not puppies that will profit only you.

You have the opportunity to change the negative media attention into a positive story for your business and the animals. Please do the right thing and end your relationship with out-of-state puppy mills in favor of adoption.

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