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Tell the EPA: Put limits on life-threatening carbon pollution

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There is currently no federal limit on how much life-threatening carbon pollution can be spewed by coal plants -- pollution that is linked to significant health hazards like asthma-inducing smog.

The EPA knows that 158 million Americans live in counties with unacceptable air pollution levels -- which is why they are about to make history by proposing first-ever carbon pollution protections.

Yet even before the EPA moves forward, corporate polluters like the infamous Koch Brothers align against us.

The Koch Brothers have been quietly using their billions for years to undermine efforts to address carbon pollution -- all so they can continue raking in record profits spewing unchecked pollution into our air.

Big Coal and Big Oil billionaires are not in charge of our health: join the effort to send hundreds of thousands of message to the EPA in support of strong industrial carbon pollution protections.

When we're united, we're a more powerful force than all the corporate polluters and their money. We beat them last year on major life-saving mercury protections -- and we'll do it again and again until our air and water are clean. We'll challenge them at every level -- in the media, in our communities, and in the halls of government. Together, we can create a future that is cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Join me in ensuring the EPA protects our families from industrial carbon pollution -- send your message today.

The stakes are high -- if we don't do something about carbon pollution, we'll see more kids who can't practice their sports outside, more seniors with lung disease unable to enjoy a walk outdoors, and more adults with asthma and other respiratory disorders who never had it before.

With strong carbon pollution protections, we can move off outdated and dirty coal-fired power plants. Our country has 21st century clean energy technologies. It's time to use them.

It's time for a change: let the EPA know Americans stand behind cleaner air!

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