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Tell the Department of Transportation: Clean Cars Mean Energy Independence

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Our addiction to oil is dangerous. It leaves our economy vulnerable to high gas prices, and keeps us dependent on countries that don't share our values. 

The Department of Transportation can help us kick our oil addiction by strengthening gas mileage standards. By focusing on developing clean, efficient cars and trucks through a strong gas mileage standard, we will make America more energy independent, and save Americans billions in the process. 

If we were to set a fleet average standard of 60 miles per gallon by 2025, Americans would save $180 billion per year at the pump. And by increasing our competitiveness, the American auto industry will create more jobs here at home while being more competitive in the world market. 

The Obama Administration has the opportunity to help us reduce our dependence on oil by strengthening gas mileage standards for new cars and trucks.

Take action today and call on the the Department of Transportation to create stronger gas mileage standards that will help us fight our oil addiction. 

For the sake of securing our energy independence, creating jobs at home, and making us more competitive around the world, we need and demand a robust gas mileage standard. 

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