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This is our opportunity!

Stephen Erickson
Culver City, CA, United States

Mar 13, 2016 — Three of the five City Council seats will be decided in the upcoming Culver City election, April 12th.

Mansionization is THE MOST IMPORTANT election issue facing Culver City. This is our opportunity to vote in candidates who will responsibly handle the planning of our city.

The City Council candidates have just articulated their thoughts and opinions on residential zoning in Culver City. Livable Culver submitted a list of very specific questions on this issue to each of them. Their answers are now posted on our website

Please take a look to learn where each of them stands.

We must each do everything we can to make sure that the three winners in this election each support zoning codes that encourage the construction of contemporary, properly scaled new homes – homes that take into account the values that make our community so desirable and livable.

This is what we need you to do:

· Spread the word: help raise community awareness that this is THE MAJOR ISSUE facing Culver City and it will be DECIDED in this upcoming election!


· GET OUT THE VOTE! Encourage all of your Culver City family members, neighbors and friends to vote as well.

· Vote for the three candidates whom Livable Culver will give our endorsement to this coming week.

Our City Council voted earlier this year to enact modest but still incomplete changes to our outdated zoning codes, in effect legalizing mansionization in Culver City. There has been an upsurge in permits to build monstrously oversized, impactful new homes. If a property near you has sold, one of these may be going in right next to you and you are unaware of it.

A disproportionately large house like the 4000 square foot home pictured above being built on the 6000 square foot property next to Erol and Erica’s home, can no longer be built - but a 3600 square foot one - virtually the same house - can.

Over the past eight months, speaking out at City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings and at public events, many residents as well as members of our group, Livable Culver, have spoken out about the urgent need for responsible, relevant residential zoning codes, and raised community awareness on this issue.


IMAGINE a new five member City Council with a majority of its council-members who understand this problem and want to act immediately to protect the future of Culver City by finding the proper balance! This REALITY IS POSSIBLE based on the outcome of this election.

From our standpoint, this means authorizing a thorough independent study by outside experts offering comprehensive neighborhood specific solutions to be acted upon. (Several communities including West Hollywood and Pasadena have already found this to be a beneficial and cost effective solution.

We believe the future of our lovely Culver City should be a compassionate one, where property owners can build larger, modern beautiful new dwellings, but scaled appropriately to lot size and responsibly in how they impact their neighbors. New builds that do not rob neighbors of their privacy, sunlight, quality of life and diminish their property values.

Please GET INVOLVED! GET ACTIVE and vote to curtail the mansionization threat looming over us all.

Keep fighting for people power!

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