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Connecticut’s public schools are in crisis. When one in five students doesn’t finish high school on time and when we have the widest achievement gap in the country on seven different measures, we should know it's time to change the status quo. We need to act now before any more students fall through the cracks.

Governor Malloy's education reform proposal is an important step toward solving these pressing issues. It will reform an unfair system and help students across the state get the resources they need. But opponents of reform are fighting hard to keep today’s failed policies in place. That’s why we need parents, students, teachers, and advocates across Connecticut to tell the Senate that we cannot wait any longer to pass real public education reform.

Please sign our petition and join ConnAd in the fight for real education reform in Connecticut!

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Connecticut State Senate
Connecticut’s education system is in crisis. One in five students doesn’t graduate from high school on time. We have the nation’s widest achievement gap. And our students’ math skills are on par with the developing world. How many more children will we allow to fail before we summon the political will to act?

The governor's reform proposal is a major step toward solving the education problems that are leaving our students behind. It will reform an unfair and broken system. It will help students across the state get the resources they need. Most of all, it will restore the student-centered approach to education policy that Connecticut needs.

Opponents of the original Senate Bill 24 are doing everything they can to slander the bill, even questioning the need for reform. But we know that that now is the time to act. We cannot sit by and watch our children’s potential continue to go unrealized. That’s why we are asking you to stand up for Connecticut’s students and restore Senate Bill 24!

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