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Tell the Colorado Renaissance Festival to Stop Using Exotic Animals as Entertainment

There is a show at the Colorado Renaissance Festival that is called “Endangered Cat Show”. They claim it is “educational and entertaining” but I believe they are more focused on the entertainment rather than the education! You can educate people without using these animals as stage props and making them perform.

Please help others realize that social responsibility has evolved beyond allowing the abuse of animals for entertainment and these beautiful animals deserve a life of dignity and respect.

Please also visit HERE and send your feedback to the festival directly and let them know how you feel about this exploitation.

Please tell the Colorado Renaissance Festival and the Great Cats World Park to stop using these animals for entertainment.

Ten Fast Facts about Captive Exotic Animals

Tiger on a leash at Colorado Renaissance Festival – how safe is it?


Elephants and a camel giving rides:

Elephants and a camel chained and giving rides all summer! Industries that use captive wild animals, such as the circus, roadside attractions, and festivals frequently engage in abusive training methods, such as the use of hooks, chains, whips, electric prods, and blunt instruments. Please help these beautiful creatures escape from a life of “entertainment”.

Please also visit HERE and send your feedback to the festival and let them know directly how you feel about this exploitation.

Thank you for your support!

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President of Colorado Renaissance Festival Jim Paradise
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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Colorado State Senator Mark Scheffel
Douglas County Public Information Officer Sgt. Ron Hanavan
Larkspur Town
Larkspur Town Clerk Matt Krimmer
Douglas County Director of Public Affairs
Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue
Larkspur Mayor Sherilyn West
Colorado Renaissance Festival
Co.Renaissance Festival Feedback
I am writing to ask you to stop the “Endangered Cat Show” show at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

With the introduction of the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act, federal legislators are taking a serious interest in trying to prevent another massacre of wild animals like we saw in Ohio. By clamping down on private ownership and trade in big cats, they hope to prevent this from happening anywhere else in the country again. More and more people are realizing that dangerous big cats just don’t belong in fairs, festivals, carnivals, and roadside zoo attractions.

Shouldn’t guests expect Renaissance Festival exhibitors to have excellent safety and animal welfare histories in order to be permitted there? Great Cats World Park is based in Oregon. The animals they performs with endure life in small cages as they are transported across the country from venue to venue. Their moments on stage are their only moments of freedom. I feel by permitting this “Endangered Cat Show,” the Festival and guests are endorsing a life that has been proven to be inherently abusive for wild animals.

Exotic animal mismanagement has reached epidemic proportions and I feel your action are only adding to the problem and not the solution. There are ways to educate the public without using animals as stage props and making them perform.
I urge you to Get The Facts: Ten Fast Facts about Captive Exotic Animals

Thank You!

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