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say “I DIG BURNLEY BACKYARD” and sign today!

The Burnley Backyard is the exciting community garden and multi-purpose facility planned for the site at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley.

We need you to join the campaign to make sure it’s up and running as soon as possible. We have heard the message that there have been enough delays and more than enough consultation so now’s the time to show council just how important this project is to community life in Burnley and beyond.

All the hard work has been done, we just need the funding from the City of Yarra.

The support shown so far by both the councillors and officers at the City of Yarra has been very important to the Burnley Backyard project and the process of its development.

It is therefore disappointing to find that only $50,000 has been allocated towards the project in the 2013/2014 budget when there was an informed expectation within the community, and reasonable assurance from council that this financial year’s budget allocation would be sufficient to see the site operational by December 2014.

With only $50,000 the project will be significantly delayed and not completed until 2016!

When finished, the Burnley Backyard will incorporate leased garden plots, kitchen garden, chook pen, kitchen, an arts and crafts studio, a workroom, flexible room for programs and activities and a small office. There will be a paved outdoor area over which is built an arbour and a children’s play area.

If you dig the Burnley Backyard then SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

The Burnley Backyard has been designed and developed by the local community in partnership with the Richmond Community Learning Centre (RCLC) and the Richmond Community Garden Group (RCCG).

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let’s make this fun!
Come down to the site at 49 Tudor Street ASAP and tie something yellow to the fence to show how much YOU dig Burnley Backyard!


Letter to
City of Yarra
Consultation and Research Officer Tess Simpson
We call on the City of Yarra to revise the current 2013/2014 council budget allocation for the Burnley Backyard project so that work can commence this year.

We ask that the remaining required funds be allocated in the 2014/2015 budget to guarantee the project is fully operational by the end of 2014.

Unlike most other projects of this nature within the municipality, the Burnley Backyard project has been community-led and community-designed from its inception. Because of this organic development, the Burnley Backyard project has a groundswell of support and intense expectation, not only amongst the residential community, but also the local business community and beyond to broader horticulture, arts and learning networks.

The Burnley Backyard business plan, which was tabled at the council meeting on the 9th of April, is a document that shows just how deeply committed the RCLC, the RCCG and the local community are to creating an innovative, popular and sustainable enterprise.

Now we are asking that the City of Yarra share this commitment by funding the first stage of the project in the 2013/2014 budget, as anticipated, with remaining funding being allocated from the 2014/2015 budget.