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Petitioning Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti

Tell the City of Los Angeles to Follow the County's Lead and Ban Plastic Bags!

Plastic grocery bags are used for mere minutes before being discarded. Californians alone use 19 billion plastic bags every, single year. The bags threaten marine animals, never biodegrade, and litter city streets. Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive solution to using the all-too-familiar plastic bag -- reusable bags. Recently, Los Angeles County passed a bag ban ordinance restricting single-use, plastic bags in unincorporated L.A. County areas. It's time for the City of Los Angeles to follow suit.

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Letter to
Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti
Recently, the County of Los Angeles approved a plastic bag ban ordinance for unincorporated areas of L.A. County. This ban would reduce the state's 19-billion-bags-per-year habit by 600 million bags annually. Just think of the impact we could have on marine debris and plastic litter if the City of Los Angeles kept the County's momentum going and enacted a bag ban of its own.

The end is in sight for the ubiquitous plastic grocery bag, and there is no need for consumers to switch to equally harmful paper (in fact, the County ban also imposes a fee on paper bags). Reusable bags are convenient and inexpensive and are the best choice for the environment. Please enact a plastic bag ban in the City of Los Angeles.

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