Save Cannon Beach's Dunes from Bulldozing!

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Dianna Turner & Jeff Harrison
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Between Cannon Beach's spectacular coastline and charming town is a healthy, hardworking dune system.  These dunes provide a home for plants and animals, a place to recreate, and a strong defense against storms, floods and sand inundation.  

Since 1998, the City has bowed to the demands of ocean-front home owners,  by allowing dune grading for view enhancement. (Or as owners like to say: “view restoration.” )  That year, Breakers Point Homeowners Association requested and received permission to grade the state-owned dunes in front of their development. The sand from the dunes was then pushed out to the intertidal zone, suffocating the razor clams living there and killing or dislocating the plants and animals that were living in the now graded dunes.

 The timing couldn’t be better to stop this practice!

The City Council will soon be reviewing the City’s comprehensive plan. During the review process, the City Council can remove this provision, thereby ending dune grading for view enhancement. We believe this is the right decision, here’s why:

  • The dunes belong to the State of Oregon, not self-concerned property owners.
  • The dunes are a valuable public asset, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.
  • The dunes are a crucial part of the Cannon Beach’s economy and beauty.
  • The dunes provide a critical bulwark against storm-damage and flooding, absorbing ever-increasingly strong, king tide waves.
  • The City’s stated goal to protect the dunes as a habitat for plants and animals.

For the first time in twenty years, we have within our reach this crucial change that will Protect The Dunes!  

How can I help?

  • Sign our petition!
  • Write to the City Councilors and Mayor of Cannon Beach.
  • Share this petition.
  • Join the Friends of the Dunes at Cannon Beach to receive updates and find out more.

Join us in telling the City Councilors that the dunes belong to all of us, in addition to the plants and animals who call them home. Tell the City of Cannon Beach that “the view” to protect is the one of the dunes from the beach, which is enjoyed by thousands of visitors and residents every year.

Helpful links:
Email us at:

Oregon Coast Alliance website:
Check the newsletter archives for details on this four-year dune grading debate.

Surfrider Foundation-Oregon Region, 8.18.2018 Beach Preservation Beach Protection

City of Cannon Beach website with City Councilor email addresses to email the councilors directly: Cannon Beach City Council Members

The Friends of the Dunes at Cannon Beach is a grassroots group working to protect coastal scenic beauty, biodiversity, and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.