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Tell the Banks to stop sending Aussie jobs overseas

Many banks are outsourcing back office functions overseas. Their sole motivation is to reduce costs and increase their already outrageous profits.

ANZ and Westpac are now having Home Loan documentation prepared in India and/or the Philippines.

Why should you be concerned?:
1. Privacy - how much personal & private information is being given to whom?
2. Clients are incurring inconvenience , costs and delays to property settlements because overseas staff are not aware of local policy and procedures.
3. Poor communication skills of overseas staff make it difficult for brokers and conveyancers to fix problems.
4. What jobs will be available for future generations of Aussie kids?

We call upon all Australian banks to honour their duty of care to their customers and their social responsibility to the country at large by keeping Aussie jobs in Australia!

This petition was delivered to:
  • CEO, Westpac & St George Banks
    Gail Kelly
  • CEO, ANZ Bank
    Michael Smith

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