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Tell the Australian Government to Give us a Slavery Free Guarantee


Due to lax regulation, Australians are unwittingly spending up to $600 million a year on imported goods produced under slave labour conditions.

It is an offence in Australia for companies to make a financial transaction involving a slave. Yet not one Australian company has ever been prosecuted for slavery in its supply chain, and the government is not monitoring which companies import slave-produced goods.  

This is a problem because some of the most mundane things in our shopping trolleys are high-risk products for slave labour. Frozen prawns from Thailand, rice from India, and cheap toys from China are just three examples.

In March 2013, the Commonwealth Government announced a strategy to ensure that all goods and services supplied to Government departments have a slavery-free supply chain. Giving us the same guarantee is the next step.   

Join us in signing this petition, and tell the Government to give Australian consumers a Slavery Free Guarantee.  

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