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Tell Texas Wind Executives: Speak Out Against Rick Perry's Drilling Policies

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Texas is the nation's leading producer of wind energy. Not long ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry was the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President - and if he can improve his debate performances, he'll probably still be the party's nominee. But Governor Perry doesn't show nearly the support for wind energy that a Texas governor and national candidate should. This petitions asks Texas wind producers to contact their governor and speak out against his oil-heavy energy plan.

In 2002, Perry said of wind energy, "By harnessing the energy potential of wind, we can provide Texans a form of energy that is green, clean and easily renewable.... To generate the same amount of electricity with oil, we would have to burn 866,000 barrels." But in a major October 2011 speech on energy, the only time he used the word "wind" was to promise an end to federal support for the wind and solar industries - and the only time he used the word "renewable" was to praise dirty coal. Slate compared the plan to a Sarah Palin quote, and pointed out that Perry would dismantle the EPA.

Instead, Perry called for more drilling, claiming it could produce over one million new jobs - but ignoring the number of jobs destroyed by pipeline leaks and climate change. He also ignored the topic of green jobs, many of which already exist in his own state thanks to the wind industry.

Many of Texas's wind-energy producers have donated to Republican candidates in the past, so Rick Perry might listen to them. Contact leading wind energy producers in Texas now and demand that they speak out against Perry's energy plan and demand his support for renewable energy.

Picture credit: Governor Rick Perry, courtesy Wikipedia.

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