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Tell Texas to Crack Down on Cockfighting

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Loopholes in Texas law have allowed the grisly bloodsport of cockfighting to thrive in the Lone Star State. 

In an excellent article, The Texas Tribune explained that while "it is a felony in Texas to make roosters fight, it is not illegal to raise fighting game cocks, to attend a cockfight or to possess paraphernalia such as the razor blades, called gaffs, that owners strap to the birds’ legs to enhance their fighting prowess." Essentially, people attending a cockfight--an illegal activity--are not themselves committing an illegal activity. “As the law stands right now, there is not an offense for being a spectator at a cockfight,” said Jeff Swain, a Texas assistant district attorney. No wonder there are at least two dozen large scale cockfighting rings in the state, with each ring often involving hundreds of participants.

There are a number of ways Texas lawmakers could fight cockfighting:

    •    Make it a criminal offense to attend a cockfight.
    •    Make it a criminal offense to breed, transport, sell or possess any animal for the purpose of animal fighting.
    •    Make it a criminal offense to possess cockfighting paraphernalia such as the razor blades, called gaffs. 

Take a stand against this cruel, barbaric activity. Tell Texas to pass tougher laws to combat cockfighting.

UPDATE: HB 1043, which will close major loopholes in the state’s cockfighting law by prohibiting individuals from attending cockfights, possessing birds with the intent to fight, and the manufacture and sale of the razor sharp weapons that are designed to increase the bloodletting in cockfights, has been sent to the Governor's desk. Please encourage Gov. Perry to sign this important bill into law.

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