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Petitioning Texas State House and 2 others

Tell Texas Lawmakers To Say NO To Arizona-style Racial Profiling

Texas Gov. Rick Perry just called a special session of the Texas legislature and has recently made threats in the media that he would push Arizona-style "papers, please" bills through if he called a special session.

It now seems that Perry will make good on his threat, which amounts to playing politics with Texans' security just to scapegoat hard-working immigrant communities in Texas.

Although Democrats were able to block the Arizona copycat in the regular session, they are outnumbered by Republicans in the special. The time to make our voices heard on this issue is now.

Sign the petition -- Tell Texas lawmakers that no matter their party, Arizona-style legislation is anti-immigrant, anti-American, unconstitutional and bad for all Texans.

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Texas State House
Texas State Senate
Texas Governor
As you know, the failure of the so-called "sanctuary cities" proposal in the Senate was applauded across our great state. It wasn't just celebrated by civil, human and immigrant rights activists but by law enforcement leaders, business owners, county governments, faith leaders and families.

I celebrated it, too, and was inspired to know that Texas had done better than Arizona on immigration, the economy and security.

But now that Texas legislators find themselves in a special session to tackle budget issues, I am reminded of Gov. Rick Perry's threats in the media to bring anti-immigrant legislation, particularly the so-called "sanctuary cities" bill, back to the Capitol. As Sen. Tommy Williams introduced SB9, these fears were realized. I am worried about SB9 containing not only the Arizona-style "sanctuary cities" provisions, but S-Comm and driver's license and ID restrictions. S-Comm is under federal investigation for failing in it's intent to keep communities safe and the driver's license provisions would only disenfranchise poor, elderly and minority voters. We can't afford these policies in Texas. We can do better.

I ask you as a proud Texan and voter to leave the special session to budget issues alone, and respect the concerns of people across Texas, and law enforcement and business leaders in particular, on anti-immigrant bills.

I would respectfully remind you that as all lawmakers look ahead to future elections, alienating and scapegoating any sector of our society will cost at the polls.

Please say no to SB9, HB9 and all anti-immigrant bills in the special session.