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Tell Syracuse University to Stop Supporting Animal Cruelty!


There are currently over 21,000 students enrolled at Syracuse University, many of whom use the school's dining halls and snack shops regularly. Recently, it was discovered that the school uses Tyson Foods, Inc. as a chicken meat supplier. Tyson is known for their controversial and inhumane acts towards animals during the raising of the animals and in the slaughterhouse.

The well-known documentary "Food Inc." showed the controversial raising of the chickens. Farmers are forced to pump the chickens with hormones that cause extremely rapid growth. This prevents them from walking more than a few steps, which they barely even have the room to do so. Many of the farms are completely enclosed without windows. The documentary also shows the unfair treatment of the workers.

The birds are confined to extraordinarily cramped trucks destined for the slaughter houses.

From 2004 to 2007, PETA conducted several investigations on the slaughterhouses operated by Tyson Foods. Some of the cruelty includes ripping the heads off of live chickens, stabbing them, and beating the animals against a rail. Birds were also sent to the blade without sedation. Employees were also recorded urinating inside the slaughterhouse. More about the PETA investigations can be seen here:

NBC also reported that the company lied, claiming the chickens are not treated with antibiotics. View article here:

By signing this petition, you are asking that SU stops buying from Tyson Foods, Inc. and switches to a less controversial, humane, free range meat supplier.

Letter to
Syracuse University Food Services Whom It May Concern
I was appauled to discover the fact that Syracuse University is a supporter of Tyson Food, Inc. Multiple sources show that the company is inhumane, cruel, and highly controversial. Tyson does not have any guidelines regarding to the treatment of the birds.
The animals are treated with hormones that force them to grow larger and faster than what their bones can support, preventing them from walking more than a few steps. The farms are extremely over crowded too. Videos show evidence of workers beating the chickens, throwing them, and ripping their heads off.

I am asking that Syracuse University stops buying from Tyson Food, Inc. and switches to a meat supplier that is humane and free range.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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