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Tell Swan Cleaning Administrators: stop profiteering from International Students


The Swan liquidators (Pitcher Partners) are leaving all 1755 ex-Swan cleaners on temporary visas (International Student Visas) behind by refusing to calculate what they are owed after the collapse. International Students formed 65% of Swan's workforce. The accountants are hiding behind the Australian government's refusal to extend the entitlements guarantee scheme to non-permanent residents. But their union, United Voice, is in with a chance to recover some of the money owed directly from the buildings they cleaned. This is not possible without the liquidator's assessment of debt.

Send an email to the liquidators calling on them to do the right thing by all 2700 ex-Swan Cleaners, regardless of visa status or nationality.

Letter to
Partner, Pitcher Partners David Young
Director, Pitcher Partners Anthony Elkerton
I am appalled to discover that you are leaving 1755 out of the 2700 victims of the Swan Cleaning collapse out in the cold. What concerns me more is the excuse you are using to avoid your duty to all creditors of the collapse: the 1755 cleaners you are leaving behind are on temporary visas (International Student Visas).

I note that the Australian Government’s Fair Entitlements Guarantee scheme (FEG) only covers permanent residents and citizens. I do not agree with the Government’s stance on this issue. However that does not detract from the fact that 1755 hard working cleaners of Swan are relying on you to provide them with an assessment of how much in wages and entitlements they are owed as a result of their employer going broke. I am confident that their union, United Voice, has a chance to recover some of the outstanding money directly from the buildings that they cleaned. But this can only reasonably happen if the building owners are presented with an assessment of the debt provided by your firm.

So I call on you to do the right thing by all the 2700 ex Swan cleaners and calculate the money owed to them regardless of their visa status or nationality.