Keep our water fluoridated within SUEZ- Mechanicsburg Water System service area

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Please help reduce cavities and dental pain for our children, teens, adults, elderly, and those with physical or mental disabilities!

People living, going to school, or working in the Mechanicsburg area have added protection from tooth decay because we have fluoride in our public water supply. Removing fluoride would cause children and adults to suffer the pain and expense of 25% more cavities.

Suez-Mechanicsburg intends to take away the protection from cavities that our community has had for decades, just by using tap water. Residents and customers were not asked whether they agreed with this decision. We need the health protection of fluoridated water more than ever now that most dental offices are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By adding your name to this petition, you will let both Suez and the Department of Environmental Protection know that customers and residents in the Suez Mechanicsburg service area demand a voice in this decision.

Please include your zip code or home address to demonstrate that you are affected by Suez's actions.

You are encouraged to include comments about how you and your family will be affected by the removal of fluoride from the water and why you oppose this decision.

THANK YOU for using your voice to protect our community's health!