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One of the main contributors to the obesity epidemic in America is our oversized portions. Compared with only a few decades ago, sizes of everything from bagels and pizza slices to soda and coffee have increased dramatically. Some companies and outlets are recognizing that providing huge portions of cheap food isn’t helping the obesity epidemic and have started to return their sizing to a more “normal” amount.

But not Starbucks. They already offer some of the largest, most calorie-dense “coffee” drinks out there and now, they are introducing something even bigger: a new cup size called the “Trenta.” It’s a whopping 31 ounces of beverage – larger than the size of the stomach. At 916 milliliters, it’s larger than a bottle of wine (750ml).

While it’s true that plain coffee and tea have very few calories, the Trenta presents an opportunity for normalizing excessive consumption and huge portions. Numerous studies have shown that increasing portion sizes have contributed to the obesity epidemic and that when given food in large containers, people tend to consume more.

Starbucks is planning to make the beverage available nationwide in May. Tell them to make the responsible decision by halting the introduction of the Trenta. 


Letter to
Business Conduct
The obesity epidemic, especially among children, is one of the most serious health problems in America. Many factors contribute to increased weight gain, but one of the main culprits is our large portion sizes. In the past few decades, beverages, food items and even plate sizes have increased, resulting in people eating more calories than intended. Studies have shown that large portion sizes result in people consuming more calories. As a result, many companies have taken the responsible step and reduced the size of their packaging.

That’s why we were so disappointed to learn that your company is planning to offer an even larger cup of coffee than you already do – the Trenta. The 31 ounce drink is larger than the average size of a human stomach and large than a bottle of wine. There’s no reason why coffee or tea needs to come in an almost 1,000 ml container.

We ask that you do the responsible thing and halt the introduction of the Trenta. A Venti is large enough.

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