Tell St. Paul’s Episcopal Not to Accept Money from Torture

Tell St. Paul’s Episcopal Not to Accept Money from Torture

July 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Eric Bonetti

Recently, it came to light that prominent members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA, made their money as owners of a company that conducted torture for the American government in the years following 9/11. The members, Anne and David Ayres, are very involved in the parish, give generously, and serve in a variety of leadership roles. In fact, David serves on the board of governors for the National Cathedral school. That is just wrong.

First, there is no excuse for torture. Ever.

Second, all the places that have received money from the Ayres need to return it. Every last penny. That includes St. Paul’s and its endowment. The National Cathedral School. And any other church or nonprofit that has taken money from these losers. Just the same as taking money from selling drugs, child pornography, slavery, or any other illegal or unethical activity, there needs to be a full accounting and a full return of funds. Nor should the church accept any further money derived from torturing other human beings.

Third, these two dirtbags should make themselves scarce. Inclusion is one thing. Welcoming people whose business is torture is something else entirely.

Please join me in demanding an end to trafficking in money based on human suffering. It’s time to respect the dignity of every human being. And it’s time for St. Paul’s to walk the talk and refuse money that comes from torture.

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Signatures: 357Next Goal: 500
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